31 Home Games Covered on Manic 1st Sunday of the Year

On Sunday 12th January 2020 we achieved a mammoth task in scheduling 31 home games across all 3 venues at Bretons, Harrow Lodge and Westlands. This could only of been achieved with the club stopping training on pitches on Saturdays and constantly monitoring and rotating pitches in 2019. As we all find it a little difficult to find training areas on a Saturday it is the clubs priority to make sure all League and Cup Games are played so we can finish our allocated games.

Havering Council have been very accommodating and helpful with Tigers JFC by changing their maintenance days nearer to the end of the week so pitches are playable at weekends.  

With 55 teams along with Tigers Cubs and Girls Development it is our aim to keep children active and to avoid them sitting at home without exercise and fresh air so sometimes by adjusting our training sessions we play games.

We hope you understand that our aim is to keep all games from being postponed