Boys Football

Tigers JFC Boys section is the largest football club competing in the Echo Junior Football League with 41 teams competing in the 2018-19 season and also have 2 teams in The Chelmsford Youth League. We have teams at every age group between U7 to U17. if you are interested in being part of our club then please contact our managers directly to see if we have any availability, Individual team contacts can be found in our clubs contact page HERE.

All of our teams at under 7’s now start their journeys into grassroots football by coming through our Tigers Cubs Devevelopment centre where we take them on from Reception school age and work with them for 2 years to eventually join up to teams when they reach school year 2.

The boys section play their games at either Bretons Outdoor Centre or Harrow Lodge Park every Sunday and have training sessions on saturdays and varied week nights depending on which team.

The club has a code of conduct which all players and their parents must sign and adhere to when registering with our club.