This is the official page for the Tigers 200 Club

Every month we will draw a number from 1 to 200 and the lucky winner will receive £100 as their prize.

thank you very much to Matt Gevaux who has worked tirelessly trying to sell the allocated numbers and also a massive thank you to everyone that has bought tickets for the draw. This alone earns the club £1200 for fundraising projects and also we give away £1200 in prize money.

Good Luck to you all.


January Winner was number 107 Keith Mannas U10’s Yellow (2019/20 season)

February Winner was number 34 Stuart Keen U17 White (2019/20 season)

March Winner was number 70 Wayne Freeman u11’s Red (2019/20 season)

April Winner was number 38 Tony Simmons U12’s Red (2020/21 season)

May Winner was number 31 Terry Croxford U10’s Black (2020/21 season)

June Winner was number 43 Tony Mattocks U16’s Yellow (2020/21 season)

July Winner  (WILL IT BE YOU !)

August Winner (WILL IT BE YOU !)

September Winner (WILL IT BE YOU !)

October Winner (WILL IT BE YOU !)

November Winner (WILL IT BE YOU !)

December Winner (WILL IT BE YOU !)


Each winner receives £100 congratulations to them