This is the official page for the Tigers 200 Club

Every month we will draw a number from 1 to 200 and the lucky winner will receive £100 as their prize.

thank you very much to Matt Gevaux who has worked tirelessly trying to sell the allocated numbers and also a massive thank you to everyone that has bought tickets for the draw. This alone earns the club £1200 for fundraising projects and also we give away £1200 in prize money.

Good Luck to you all.


January Winner was number 107 Keith Mannas U10’s Yellow (2019/20 season)

February Winner was number 34 Stuart Keen U17 White (2019/20 season)

March Winner was number 70 Wayne Freeman u11’s Red (2019/20 season)

April Winner was number 38 Tony Simmons U12’s Red (2019/20 season)

May Winner was number 31 Terry Croxford U10’s Black (2019/20 season)

June Winner was number 43 Tony Mattocks U16’s Yellow (2019/20 season)

July Winner  was number 50 Lisa Di Palma Tigers Committee ( 2019/20 Season)

August Winner  was number 30 Shane Windess U12’s Girls Black ( 2019/20 Season)

September Winner was number 90 Emelia Turner u14’s Black ( 2020/21 Season)

October Winner was number 84 Tony Atkinson U11’s Yellow (2020/21 Season)

November Winner was number 18 Tracey Connelly U11’s Orange (2020/21 Season)

December Winner was number 121 Paul Shead U16’s Black (2020/21 Season)


January Winner was number 171 Michael Vincent U16’s Red (2020/21 Season)

Each winner receives £100 congratulations to them