Tigers Summer Tournament 2019 “Update”

Tigers Summer Tournament places are going very fast with only one pitch available for the Saturday, Tigers teams if you were allocated a pitch on this day you need to act fast as it will go very soon.

We still have a few pitches available for our second day so once the final slot for Saturday is taken then all the teams who were allocated a Saturday slot will be offered the Sunday and it will be a first come first served option to finish up all slots.

If you are an opposition team/club and would like to come along to our Summer Tournament then please contact our managers directly from our contacts page at https://tigersjfc.com/club-contacts/ and see if they have any places available.


For u7’s and 8’s you will need a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 players 

For U9’s upto U14’s you will need a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 16 as your squad will be split and both your teams will play for points against 3 other teams and then added together.


This is a full day event but we try to keep your teams active as much as we can unlike some tournaments where you could sit around for over an hour between games.